About Us

B-hive Innovations Ltd was created by Branston as a stand-alone agritech business to solve the real challenges facing the fresh produce industry, as part of their role as a leading supplier to the supermarkets. 

Innovation is key to the food industry.  It helps us to grow and tackle key challenges such as:

  • Increase marketable yield
  • Enhance produce quality
  • Add value to the business
  • Reduce food and energy waste

B-hive achieve this by creating and innovating new technologies and applying science.

With increased success in the use of our technologies, B-hive now stands on its own two feet and moved to the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park in 2018. Our agri-innovations and food-innovations can be used by the whole fresh produce chain and it is important that as an agritech business we build new relationships and build on existing collaborations to grow as a business. 

B-hive Team is made up of experienced science, engineering and project management professionals, supported by a commercialisation team, with in-depth knowledge and experience of solving real day to day fresh produce and agricultural industry issues.

The team’s projects can be found here and includes private contract research, which sits alongside public funded projects with commercial benefit to a wide coverage of the agriculture and fresh produce industries.

We are always looking to collaborate and create partnerships to innovate across our industry. Get in touch with B-hive to find out more