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B-hive solves challenges that face the fresh produce industry 

Creating innovations that can be used by the entire supply chain. A niche and unique R&D concept, allowing us to become true innovators in Agri-Tech. 

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B-hive create innovative solutions to support the fresh produce industry. We draw upon specific challenges facing the industry, developing novel concepts and technologies to support the industry in managing these challenges.

We collaborate with industry experts to ensure solutions meet end user requirements and create the “pull effect” from the industry.

We launched our first product, HarvestEye Ltd, in 2019. The product is revolutionary it its concept and results and although initially designed to be used with potatoes, the ability to be used with any root crop is being developed.

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Our Purpose:

Innovation is key to the food industry. It helps us to grow and tackle key challenges

“One clear message is that business as usual is not an option. Major transformations of agricultural systems, rural economies and natural resource management are needed” – FAO, 2017.

We agree that doing nothing is not an option. Innovation and technology is essential to economic and environmentally sustainable food production for this generation and for future generations.

Reduce food and energy waste

At the start of this Century global food loss and waste amounts to between one-third and one-half of all food produced.

Increase marketable yield

Crop variability within a field decreases marketable yield. Understanding and reducing field variabiliy of a crop will yield higher returns for the supply chain.

Enhance produce quality

Understanding your crop, looking after it during harvest, storage and processing will prevent waste and increase the value of the crop.

Add value to the business

We are experts in extracting new compounds from crop residues and outgrade materials as a source of fuel or nutritional ingredient in the food supply chain.

We build through collaboration

The company has seen great success across many projects, working with several collaborators/partners including universities, agricultural clients and Innovate UK. It is important we build new relationships and build on existing collaborations to grow as a business and expand our project portfolio.

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Meet the team

The B-hive Team is made up of experienced science, engineering and project management professionals, supported by a commercialisation team with in-depth knowledge and experience of solving real day-to-day fresh produce and agricultural industry issues. 

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