R&D Research Scientist

Be part of the future of fresh produce.

This is a great opportunity for an individual with a background in Computer Science. We are looking for a self-motivating person who has a proactive approach to work and the ability to apply knowledge to develop novel instrumentation solutions.

The successful candidate will contribute to and be required to take responsibility for some of the day-to-day conduct of work packages within the scope of the project.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • To refine and further develop a system to non-invasively count and size potato biomass prior to harvest
  • To create a software solution that will integrate multiple outputs to determine and map average size and yield across a field
  • To evaluate the technology both in the lab and in the field
  • To assist in conducting field trials of the new system in potato crops
  • To communicate with the industrial and academic partners on the progress of the work
  • To write and present reports on the progress of the work
  • To conduct information searches and critically review findings to aid in the development of the system
  • To work to commercial project deadlines

Skills you will need:

  • Post-graduate degree or Undergraduate degree in some combination of Physics, Computer Science, Software Development, Algorithm Creation or similar
  • Knowledge and practical skills of building and fault-finding instrumentation systems (software and hardware)
  • Computer programming skills such as: C#, C++, MATLAB, LabView, Python
  • Experience of working collaboratively in multi-disciplined teams
  • Must be flexible, adaptable, willing and able to quickly learn, assimilate and apply new digital and electronic technologies
  • Good written and verbal communication and presentation skills (use of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint is essential)
  • Knowledge of engineering development processes such as functional requirements, design, evaluation and validation would be advatageous