Extracting Proteins

A novel process to extract proteins from potatoes

This project, funded by Innovate UK aims to develop a new process to extract valuable complete undenatured proteins from potato waste (whole stock-feed grade potatoes and peel), for target use as high-quality food grade vegan/vegetarian protein supplements, sport protein sources and as functional food processing ingredients.

B-hive Innovations Ltd (lead partner) are set to be first to the UK market with this process and material. Our novel extraction process promises a step change in simplicity and cost effectiveness for handling complex waste. The project will build upon the challenges identified during our initial scale-up investigations.

The consortium members have come together to provide an integrated end-to-end group, with partners who own the waste problem, can scientifically progress the scale-up work, can build and operate at pilot scale, and who can take the final products and use them in New Product Developments.

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