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The Challenge

It can be difficult for growers to have full visibility of their crop as it is growing due to small scale sampling and sampling errors. This can lead to important decisions (such as burn down date) being made based on inaccurate data and therefore not gaining maximum returns for that crop

The Solution

A novel technology combining above and below ground sensing to detect the yield of the whole crop and show crop variation.

This technology is being designed to be a tool for growers to have full visibility of their crops throughout the growing season. It will allow them to see total yield, the number of plants, yield per plant (or per unit area) and yield ad tuber size variability across a field. Multiple scans across the growing season will help growers understand their full crop, and make decisions based on actual data rather than samples


B-hive, with collaborators, are developing this concept from proof of concept to a demonstrator system. In its second round of Innovate UK funding.

TuberScan is a collaboration with:

Find out more about TuberScan

To find out more about the TuberScan project, please get in touch with Effie Warwick-John, TuberScan Project Manager.

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